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Linux et les logciels libres de plus en plus populaires
Emilio Umoka, president de Microsoft Brazil, declared with L’arranges Reuters " the decision of the government to generalize L’adoption of Linux can constitute a threat for the community of the Microsoft partners, on the whole 10 000 partners employing some 45 000 people and representing more than 300 million dollars of figure D’businesses ". This shows a real awakening on behalf of Microsoft compared to the real threat which Linux constitutes.
Linux and increasingly popular free logciels

Diffused on more than 30 000 forums, a message which announces to reveal the images of the suicide of Ben Laden contains in fact a virus, or more exactly than L’one calls a Trojan horse. It made its appearance a few days ago on the Net. However, it is not spread by electronic mail. The Trojan horse S’calls Troj/Hackarmy-A. Once installed, the machine is controllable remote and can be used disrètement for illicit activities like L’sending of Spam or the attacks of the refusal type of service.A title attracting or L’announces D’a scoop are techniques frequently used to lead L’user to yield to curiosity. He then opens the enclosure to the message what has as a consequence D’to infect the machine.

Stephan Kulow announces the availability of KDE 3.3

Respecting fixed planning, KDE 3.3 is available in remote loading since this 18 August. This exit intervenes a few hours before the opening of the international conference of developers KDE in Germany.

Silicon : Onyx4, the graphic monster of SGI

"One knows some a little more about the Onyx4 systems of SGI", titrates today. "the system intended for simulation will support to 34 charts ATI and OpenGL Multipipe under Linux". Onyx4 addresses above all to the professionals visualization and simulation.

L’Humanity : Free software, guarantee of fundamental freedoms

Humanity approaches today in its columns the free licence, a "innovating legal form became since a factor of the enrichment of the public domain and a brake with the privatization of knowledge".

Bakbone becomes a "rising star" in Technology Fast 50

BakBone Software was named "rising Star" ("Rising Star") by the program Technology Fast 50 of San Diego presented by Deloitte and Touche LLP at the United States. For the owner of the company, Keith Rickard, it is due "to its superiority compared to competition in various fields, in particular in what milked in Linux, storage in network NAS and the safeguard disc with disc".

Microsoft wants to bombard Linux in public

Microsoft decided to use its formidable machine marketing to fight in public, against the adoption of the free system and free Linux. Indeed, the giant of Redmond will launch to the United States a very large advertising campaign which aims mainly the Web sites and the newspapers specialized in data processing professional.
Publicities in question will lead towards a Web site baptized "Get The Facts One Windows and Linux" (take note of the facts in connection with Windows and Linux) which would tend to show, thanks to studies commissioned by Microsoft, that the Windows systems are avantagueux from the economic point of view than the Linux systems.


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